Sunday, 2 May 2010

Crumpet, Vic Park

Flat White & Iced Coffee

Poached Eggs with a side of beans & potato hash

The Spanish Breakfast

Hola! We have been absent of late...we have been making home-cooked brekkys and going to old favourites which we have already reviewed however this morning we decided to check out Crumpet (super-cute name hey?!) in Vic Park.

During the week I did some research as we have pretty much covered our must-go places and found this little cafe and who are renowned for their homemade crumpets! I e-spied their menu online and it was so super cheap (like $7.50 for toast and eggs!) and the meals looked interesting so off we went!

As usual we didn't feel up for the sweet options on the menu (however as usual I regretted it!) such as the banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce ($10.50) or the homemade crumpet ($3.50) which looked delish - the table next to us ordered envy! Ross opted for the Spanish breakfast ($15) and I went for poached eggs with a side of beans and potato hash ($11.50). We also order a flat white and iced coffee.

First up our coffees came out and I was impressed with the iced coffee - it was presented in a really tall slim glass and tasted quite nice! However the flat white was pretty average; we definitely have had better!

Next came the food and initially we were both really impressed- everything looked fresh, homemade and delicious. Unfortunately Ross's chorizo had been replaced with a regular sausage so that authentic 'Spanish' flavour wasn't really there (there was a sign at the counter saying they are trialing chipolatas instead of chorizo in the 'big brekky,' but no word on the Spanish breakfast) ...however I tasted his salsa guacamole and it was fresh and tangy. We both had beans and honestly they were just not that tasty, we both had to season them heavily (so hard to compete with Sayer's bean masterpiece!). I'm pleased to report my poached eggs were cooked to perfection and the bread was tasty. I can't really say much about the potato hash- it was really disappointing and didn't get eaten as it tasted like flour and I had this flash back to these horrible corn and potato fritters my mum used to make in the 80's...haha hope you're not reading this Mum! P.S. Imp's hash-browns were MUCH tastier!

The service was pretty average but we didn't really mind as it was really busy and the girl taking the orders was also waiting tables and clearing them so we gave her props as she was totally under the pump!

We both really wanted to like this place but unfortunately it won't make it into our top breakfast list....we both agree we want to return and try the pancakes and crumpets so we'll be back Crumpet!

The Verdict

Coffee 3/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 3/5
Service 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5

Overall 12/20

Would we go again?
Indeed, to try their sweet breakfast items!

Website: Crumpet Facebook Page

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Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

"Aw did you just call me your crumpet?"
"No, I asked if you wanted to go to Crumpet"

I want you to go back and try the crumpets too! I think I'd have to request the caramelised nanas and butterscotch sauce with my crumpets.

rund said...

I wondered whether that conversation would go down well with other cafe names:
"Did you just call me an Imp" - No
"Did you say that i'm Toast" - No
"Did you just call me Atomic" - Yes!
Endless possibilities!

We do want to go back and try the crumpets - how could we go to a place called Crumpet and not try a crumpet? Serious lack of thought there on our behalf, slap on the wrist!

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