Saturday, 26 June 2010

Aubergine, South Fremantle

orange juice ... and a flat white

eggs benny with bacon

breakfast burrito

lemon & lime tart. Hey, get your fingers away from that tart!

Ok it's been a while since our last post, and there's a good reason I swear! Thing is, we were called up by ASIO to save the country from hoon terrorists on motorbikes who were threatening our gas supplies which would have put an end to bbqs across the country... ok ok I see you have your dubious face on! Truth is we have just been lazy. So lazy in fact that it was about 3 weeks ago that we had breakfast at Aubergine on South Terrace in South Freo.

Aubergine is good (realllly good!). There are lots of tables inside, and a few outside too. We sat outside with the dogs and the loud motorbikes and the 'doctor', even though there were some cozy spots inside. It has a good relaxed vibe, kinda like "upmarket new-age" in personality and functional - with big glass counters full of goodies and a large blackboard menu that takes up almost an entire wall; and water, condiments and newspapers were all at the front. The menu made you full just looking at it, yes the menu sounded that good - here's a selection:
  • field mushrooms with fresh goats curd, wilted spinach & pesto oil on toasted ciabatta ($14.50)
  • beans 'in' toast with poached egg, wilted spinach & bacon ($14.50)
  • oven roasted mixed nut granola with poached pear & vanilla bean yoghurt ($9.50)
  • breakfast burrito with spiced sausage, scrambled eggs, fresh chilli & herbs ($14.50)
I went the latter; Renee chose the eggs benny. Aubergine gave a choice of ham, salmon, bacon or spinach to go with it; Renee decided upon the bacon ($15.50). The food was cooked well, and the breakfast burrito easily beat the burrito I had at another café a while ago. Renee exclaimed that the toast was particularly good and the bacon was crispy and extremely tasty. Renee recalls we had had a boozy night before so the food really hit the spot.

We both had a glass of orange juice which was freshly squeezed with was delish. I also had a flat white which was okay. Finally we finished off with a lemon & lime tart which was really good!

The Verdict

Coffee 3.5/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 3.5/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5

Overall 15/20

Would we go again?

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The Perth Breakfast Bitch said...

Welcome back to your blog! Don't worry I took weeks to write out a review recently.

Nice review! I like the burrito with the tabasco sauce bottle! Great condiment that one.

Camilla said...

I'm sold on the name of the place... AUBERGINE!!! Looks like i've found my next breakfast place ^_^

rund said...

Thanks Liz, I blame the cold weather!

I love the tv ad with the 'perfect' man, who on one of the ads says "aubergine" at the end. Now i'm going to think 'perfect' every time we go back to Aubergine!

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Those bloody hoons, threatening the Australian way of life.

I really want the field mushrooms dish. I would fight a horde of hoon terrorists to get to it. With my bare hands and a rolled up newspaper.