Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bellisa Café, Bedford

Bellisa's big breakfast

chorizo with corn, chilli and bean bread and avocado salsa

We don't usually go to Bedford. It's on Walter Road, the alternative road to get to all things Morely Galleria, or if you got on the #16 or #60 bus thinking it would go along Beaufort Street but instead taking you along William Street to Walter Road while you freak out wondering where you are and what kind of area has a Harley Davidson showroom. Well Bedford does have one reason of existence - Bellisa Café! This café is big and spacious, and set out well. It instantly feels comfortable.

We grabbed a seat and checked out the menu, which according to Bellisa's website changes monthly. It doesn't have to though, because what was on offer is quite good! The February menu contains items like ricotta hotcakes with vanilla roasted nectarines topped with lemon curd ($15) and crepes with purple fig, crumbled blue cheese and vincotto ($14). Renée settled on the Bellisa big breakfast which they happily substituted the mushroom for avocado ($22; a big V breakfast is also on offer for $18) and I went for free range chorizo grilled with avocado salsa and corn, chilli and bean bread topped with poached egg ($21). Renée thought that the big breakfast was outstanding - everything was cooked to perfection, the scrambled eggs were definitely a winner and the sourdough bread was delicious. Likewise, my chorizo was also cooked perfectly, and complemented the delicious polenta-bread (which was so good Renee wanted to steal it), and that avocado salsa - delicious!

Bellisa also notes that their menu is kid-friendly, with things like pancakes for breakfast and fish & chips for lunch. Tallulah wasn't interested in the food though - she was much more interested in looking at the trees across the road and pushing against the table. Oh well, maybe next time. Still, the staff at Bellisa loved Tallulah, so she felt quite at home.

We also ordered a flat white and a long macc topped up. Unfortunately the coffees did not match the level set by the food, they were too watery. We didn't go back for seconds.

Bellisa also have a range of cakes on offer, and although we were full we couldn't resist taking some for later. I loved the idea of a homemade wagon wheel ($4), with its delicious marshmallow and jam filling between soft biscuit - way better than the Wagon Wheels™ (one of my favourite snacks, btw!) you can buy in your local shop. We also purchased a lemon and ricotta cupcake - moist and delicious with tangy lemon curd.

Pink deer head approves of take-home snacks!

The Verdict
Coffee  2.5/5
Eggs (the meal!)  4/5
Service  4/5
Atmosphere  3.5/5
Total = 14/20

Baby T's score = 4/5 (Tallulah is looking forward to trying some kid-friendly food once she grows older!)

Would we go again? If the coffee improves, Bellisa will be a winner!

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kittykat said...

holy shit, i just read your baby story!! Been reading this blog for a while but came for the first time tonight in while...


Awesome, i thought this stuff only happened in movies!! And in Japan! (lived there, so understand the quirks of japanese hospitals;)

glad the blog is still going, and congrats! bambino is kawaii as! :)

Ross said...

Haha yeah, it took us by surprise kittykat. But it's not going to stop us enjoying breakfast!

The other one we got in Japan was sugoi (great), usually once they had said kawaii a few too many times and needed a new word!