Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bivouac, Northbridge

We love William Street in Northbridge, so whenever a new café opens up we always find some time to check it out. Bivouac is one such place, located opposite Ezra Pound. We love William Street!

Bivouac has two small tables on the street, a large main room and a smaller room towards the back. The café is adorned with artwork - it features different work every month. I like the grass beards! We grabbed a table near the back of the café and ordered our coffees - a soy flat white and a soy long macc. Bivouac do a great job with their coffees, and they are delicious! We waited in anticipation for our meals, hoping they would be as good as the coffee!

Bivouac have four breakfast choices on the menu, so I'm just going to go and list them all:

  • Gypsy Baked Eggs - chorizo, potato, red pepper ragú, simmered egg & toasted sourdough ($15.50)
  • Salute the Sun - avocado, ricotta & lemon on sourdough ($9.90)
  • The Revolution - french toasted brioche, citrus ricotta, strawberries & pistachio ($14.90)
  • Canteen Tray - grilled italian sausage, baked beans, scrambled eggs, toasted sourdough ($15.50)
Ross' meal - Gypsy Baked Eggs

Renee's meal - Canteen Tray
Both dishes looked good and we eagerly jumped in. I was looking forward to the baked eggs, but unfortunately it didn't taste near as good as it looked. The potatoes were undercooked and hard, and the ragú lacked flavour. Renee's Canteen Tray came with baked beans, scrambled eggs and Italian sausages. The beans, according to Renee, were too sweet. The scrambled eggs were cooked well but lacked pizzaz. The sausages surprised Renee the most; we are used to spicy Italian sausages served in other places, but the sausages on the Canteen Tray were not spicy. They were more like barbecue sausages.

We were disappointed with our breakfasts. That's not enough to deter us having good food, so to finish off we had some baklava ($6). It was outstanding! It was fresh, full of nuts and spices and rolled with honey. Noone told me I wasn't supposed to eat the clove on top of the baklava, but it still tasted good!
The Verdict:
Coffee  4/5
Eggs (the meal!)  2.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Atmosphere  4/5
Total  14/20

Baby T's score:
 3.5/5 (Heck, Tallulah loves everywhere!)

Would we go again: We returned with friends for breakfast, and confirmed that the breakfast meals aren't that great! The dinners here look good though, and we think Bivouac would be great evening occasions!


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Grow Light said...

I thought like this place - it sounded good in theory.Some members of the staff is really nice. One of them was so bad attitude, that almost undermined by other.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This blog is my personal torture. I'm on this hard diet of only eating fruits and veggies (vegan) but also not having sodium and other things. So I'm just hungry for junk all the time. I have to do it for my health but...ahh, at least I can dream when I look at this blog.