Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Dancing Goat, Swanbourne

I heart their sign...a goat drinking coffee! haha

Really delicious coffee. Really.

My Feta & Tomato on toast with a side of eggs!

Ross' brekky burrito with mushroom and spinach!

I can't remember the last Saturday I've had off and boy can I tell you it felt SO nice not rushing off to work today! This morning we thought we'd test out somewhere new and settled on The Dancing Goat in Swanbourne. Ross said he had done some research and promised it would be delish so off we set on this rainy, overcast morning!

Nestled on Railway Parade just past Claremont in a cute strip of shops is the delightful Dancing Goat. It was drizzling with rain and the only seat in the place available was outside on the decking. Had it been sunny it would have been nice, but unfortunately the wind was cutting and the awning was only just stopping us getting wet. The staff were concerned and asked us a couple of times whether we wanted to come inside - eventually we relented and they squeezed us onto a nice warm table inside their quirkily-decorated café - which was quite a feat as it is a small establishment!

The Dancing Goat's menu is chalked on blackboards scattered around the walls, and features some basics like eggs (scrambled or fried) on toast ($9.50) and muesli with banana and rhubarb ($10). Ross was immediately sold on the breakfast burrito, which came with mushrooms, spinach, scrambled eggs and cheese ($10), and I had tomato and feta on toast, with sourdough bread instead of the usual rye bread. For some reason I think feta is just more delicious sliced than cubed so throughout my meal I wanted my cubes to turn into slices haha! Both breakfasts were cooked nicely, but nothing mind-blowing. We agreed that the vibe of the place was like a café you might find down south, like a fun holiday!

The coffee, though, was not holiday at all - it was delicious! We both had flat whites, and they we so good we had some more to take away. We also took away with us a chocolate brownie ($4), which was delicious especially as they hid pieces of rich chocolate in it - yum!

Overall we were impressed with the vibe, the coffee, the cakes, and the food was serviceable too.

The Verdict

Coffee 4.5/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 3/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5

Overall 15.5/20

Would we go again?
If we were local, this might just well be our favourite coffee spot!

Website: We think their site has been hacked, so instead have a look at the interior designer's website at

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Riki Blake's, North Perth

Fresh OJ & flat white

Renee's Fetta & Pumpkin Skak-Shuka

Roasted Lamb Shak-Shuka

I'll tell you a story...we used to go to Blake's all the time when we lived at our old house it was conveniently on route to my shop! But one morning a long time ago we were slightly fragile from a big night out and were craving their famous 'shak-shuka' which is a middle eastern breakfast dish consisting of tomatoes, capsicum, onion and spices topped with a egg served in a cute little metal pan. It used to (more on that later!) come with homemade bread to dip and green harissa which was the perfect condiment. We took a seat and were violated by this terrible thumping drum and bass music which continued throughout our meal- all I can say is people it is the morning and we were oh-so hungover so Blake's ended up on our blacklist....and we haven't returned until today!

We were looking forward to their food as its quite different to what we usually have for breakfast and we found a nice seat in the sun and we both started to wonder why we'd been so harsh on little old Blake's. Then we got the menu...uh oh it had totally changed! I found a copy of their old menu online which was much more extensive and had items like pancakes with honey and rose-blossom yoghurt but this new menu was stark. I remember Ross' favourite shak-shuka was lamb kofta and I really enjoyed the smoked sausage but they had both vanished! You used to be able to choose from flat, turkish or cumin rye dipping bread- nope not a option now! Anyways we settled on two shak-shukas- I ordered the feta and pumpkin and Ross chose the roasted lamb shak-shuka ($18.50) in hopes that it would actually be lamb kofta (he was dreaming!). We also ordered a flat white ($3.50) and a fresh OJ ($5.20).

Drinks came out and Ross liked his flat white and my fresh OJ was great! Bring on the food! Our meals arrived with 4 pieces of dry Turkish bread which were burnt and there was no harissa in sight... double uh oh....! Ross went and requested some harissa and was told it was no longer part of the dish. It pretty much goes down hill from here- beware! The feta was the best part of my meal and for $17 thats some pretty expensive feta! The pumpkin was hard the egg featured uncooked whites which was still clear (ew) and the sauce was just so bland and had no capscium or spices. It no longer had the pizazz! Shame. Ross' roast lamb was not kofta and was pretty disappointing. Neither of us finished our meal...which is quite unlike us.

On the plus side the service is super friendly and there was no in-your-face drum and bass beats-hooray! The atmosphere is similar to Coode Street Cafe or Lincoln's as Blakes it situated on the back streets just off Walcott Street. Lots of locals stop for take away coffees. We noticed no one else in the cafe were eating...maybe this was the problem? Anyhow, I don't think we'll be back :(

The Verdict

Coffee 3/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 2/5
Service 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5

Overall 11/20

Would we go again?
Um, no...sorry Blake's!

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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lincolns 102, Highgate

Renée's gingerbread waffles

Ross' full breakfast

Renée's seconds! Toast

Lincolns 102 is located the corner of Lincoln Street and Stirling Street, a quiet neighbourhood in the back streets of Highgate. Being so close to us we were keen to check it out after having not gone there for a while. We grabbed a wrought metal table outside and enjoyed the sun.

Lincolns offers a sweet and savoury menu, with items like raspberry pancake with spiced orange syrup, maple cream and toasted almonds ($15) and vegetarian & gluten-free rosti with wilted spinach, poached egg & onion jam ($15). Renée had the gingerbread waffles ($15) and I went the full breakfast ($22).

I went to order, and noticed that they have rearranged their counter area so that there is more room to move. And the changes were not just cosmetic; the staff were genuinely friendly, quick to help and well organised, our food and drinks came out quickly. It was much improved from some of our past experiences at Lincolns and made dining out there a delight.

Another delight was the food! My full breakfast was cooked to perfection. Delicious sourdough bread, soft poached eggs, tasty beans, fantastic field mushrooms, scrumptious little sausages, some of the thinnest-sliced and best-cooked bacon seen on a breakfast plate, and, before I run out of adjectives, a relish that was packed with flavour. Renée's gingerbread waffles, served with maple syrup, double cream and candied ginger, was delicious. Unfortunately Renee doesn't really "do" candied ginger -this wasn't mentioned on the menu so she felt a little jipped with the whole 'gingerbread' experience. She had some bread-envy so she ordered some toast which came with the best raspberry jam ever and lemon butter which totally hit the spot ($6.50 - yum!).

We both had flat whites, which came out quite milky like a good latte. Wanting something a bit stronger I ordered a long macc (topped up Perf style); mmm much better!

We left much satisfied, our bellies full of good food.

The Verdict

Coffee 3.5/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 4.5/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5

Overall 16/20

Would we go again?
Yes, thanks to the improved service and impeccable food!

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Crumpet, Vic Park

Flat White & Iced Coffee

Poached Eggs with a side of beans & potato hash

The Spanish Breakfast

Hola! We have been absent of late...we have been making home-cooked brekkys and going to old favourites which we have already reviewed however this morning we decided to check out Crumpet (super-cute name hey?!) in Vic Park.

During the week I did some research as we have pretty much covered our must-go places and found this little cafe and who are renowned for their homemade crumpets! I e-spied their menu online and it was so super cheap (like $7.50 for toast and eggs!) and the meals looked interesting so off we went!

As usual we didn't feel up for the sweet options on the menu (however as usual I regretted it!) such as the banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce ($10.50) or the homemade crumpet ($3.50) which looked delish - the table next to us ordered envy! Ross opted for the Spanish breakfast ($15) and I went for poached eggs with a side of beans and potato hash ($11.50). We also order a flat white and iced coffee.

First up our coffees came out and I was impressed with the iced coffee - it was presented in a really tall slim glass and tasted quite nice! However the flat white was pretty average; we definitely have had better!

Next came the food and initially we were both really impressed- everything looked fresh, homemade and delicious. Unfortunately Ross's chorizo had been replaced with a regular sausage so that authentic 'Spanish' flavour wasn't really there (there was a sign at the counter saying they are trialing chipolatas instead of chorizo in the 'big brekky,' but no word on the Spanish breakfast) ...however I tasted his salsa guacamole and it was fresh and tangy. We both had beans and honestly they were just not that tasty, we both had to season them heavily (so hard to compete with Sayer's bean masterpiece!). I'm pleased to report my poached eggs were cooked to perfection and the bread was tasty. I can't really say much about the potato hash- it was really disappointing and didn't get eaten as it tasted like flour and I had this flash back to these horrible corn and potato fritters my mum used to make in the 80's...haha hope you're not reading this Mum! P.S. Imp's hash-browns were MUCH tastier!

The service was pretty average but we didn't really mind as it was really busy and the girl taking the orders was also waiting tables and clearing them so we gave her props as she was totally under the pump!

We both really wanted to like this place but unfortunately it won't make it into our top breakfast list....we both agree we want to return and try the pancakes and crumpets so we'll be back Crumpet!

The Verdict

Coffee 3/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 3/5
Service 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5

Overall 12/20

Would we go again?
Indeed, to try their sweet breakfast items!

Website: Crumpet Facebook Page

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