Monday, 21 March 2011

Little Stove, Bicton

Moulten Monkey (the drink, not the child!)

 poached eggs with a side of beans

'big stove' with a side of spinach

Notice how our meals look kinda the same? Strange, huh? Renee's poached eggs cost $12 ($3 for the bacon). My 'big stove' has some mushrooms hiding under the spinach; it costs $18, with an extra $3 for the spinach. We both thought that the meal was average - the bacon a little bit oily, the spinach astringent, the beans missing real flavour.

We decided to go to Little Stove, hidden in the suburb of Bicton, after doing some shopping at the Melville markets on a Sunday morning. It's a spacious, and decorated in a homely manner. Our table was next to an Aga stove adorned with paraphernalia from the coastal town of Crikvenica, dating from Yugoslavian times. Little Stove offers other standard breakfast foods like bircher muesli ($12) and roasted tomato with sourdough, goats cheese and prosciutto ($15).

Little stove redeems itself with its interesting drinks. My molten monkey is an iced mocha with banana, and was delicious. Renée ordered a flat white that was too foamy.

The Verdict
Coffee   2.5/5
Eggs (the meal!)   2.5/5
Service   3.5/5
Atmosphere   3.5/5
Total   12/20

Baby T's Score:  3.5/5 (Tallulah thought that there was enough room at Little Stove to swing a baby. We didn't test this theory.)

Would we go again? No, there are much better breakfasts to be found.


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