Saturday, 23 January 2010

Toast, East Perth

Great coffee

Cute vintage water bottles

Renée's Breakfast

Ross' Breakfast

Renée and I headed down to Toast in East Perth this morning for our weekend breakfast. Toast is on the Claisebrook Cove waterfront, next to The Royal, which gives you the opportunity of eating inside or out. As Renée's shop is a short drive away from East Perth it seemed a good opportunity to check it out. And it has an all-day breakfast menu, so late-risers such as us won't miss out!

One of Toast's most endearing features is its vintage inspired decor like the 1950's red vinyl chairs but especially its water bottles - vintage French bottles of all different shapes and colours. Together with the colourful plastic cups for water, they are truly fantastic!

Toast offers an interesting menu, with both regular options such as eggs Florentine ($14.90), plus a range of more interesting-sounding options such as polenta toast with mushrooms, French toast with black cherries ($11.90) and sardines on toast. Today Renée chose the eggs Benedict ($14.90), and I had mint and feta pancakes with smoked salmon and a sour cream and chives dressing ($17.50)

Service here is good - our Ricard Anisette water bottle was delivered within seconds of us sitting down, and my coffee order was taken while still waiting in line to order. And the coffee was delicious, with the right amount of coffee, milk, temperature and foam; a respectable effort in a city where baristas are so inconsistent. For those with more backpacker-like tendencies, you'll be pleased to note that Toast will happily serve champagne and beer with your breakfast meal (BYO).

The food was another matter. Although sounding mouth-watering delicious on the menu, we both found that the balance was not there. The hollandaise sauce was much too acidic, the salmon overpoweringly salmony and the pancakes too oniony. The more subtle flavours were masked - either of us could not taste the eggs, and the pancakes were not particularly minty or feta-y (ok i'll stop adjectivising nouns now). While the intent was there, the execution could do with a little more work.

Renée took with her a muffin to eat for lunch which she described as pretty tasty and a good balance of flavour! So not all was lost!

Overall, Toast is a great place to enjoy a coffee and cake whilst admiring their collection of water bottles and pretty cute view of East Perth!

The Verdict

Coffee 4/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 2.5/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 3/5

Overall 13.5/20

Would we go again?
Perhaps... just for coffee and cake?


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The Perth Breakfast Bitch said...

Hey - Great blog!! I have been to toast for a work lunch before.. they are only new and probably need to polish up on a few things but I still like the concept and the friendly staff.