Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Naked Fig Cafe, Swanbourne

Flat whites!

Ross' tart (at the back) & Renée's eggs Benedict

We both had the day off today so we decided to try out something brand-spanking new: The Naked Fig in Swanbourne. We have never really hung out in Swanbourne and tend to haunt the inner city suburbs so we really didn't know what to expect! A couple of our friends raved about it so we were pretty excited!

The location is pretty breathtaking - think 180 degree ocean views. We didn't actually realize it was on the beach (we thought it was in the group of shops near the railway!) so when we pulled up we immediately regretted no bringing our bathers as the water was super blue and sparkly! Darn!

The Naked Fig is in a big massive shed-like building (think contemporary-Australian design, complete with corrugated sheeting) that Ross thinks will date - much like the vacant 90s building next to it. I got the vibes that this wasn't really 'us'! We were shown to a nice table on the decking and the service was great - we immediately got chilled water and menus and our coffee orders were taken. No faulting them there! I looked around at the crowd and noted the demographic was much older than what we were used to. Ross and I argued a fitting description and we came up with 'Golden Triangle Suburban Family' so not really our bag... however it's definitely somewhere you would take people visiting WA as they would be blown away by the view!

Our coffees came out and I was initially impressed but on an after thought we agreed they were super milky as we prefer ours a little stronger! The menu was pretty standard with some interesting twists such as pancakes (which looked amazing I ended up having food envy) with poached pear and berries ($15), eggs on fire- a spicy chili corn cake with eggs, avocado and bacon ($18) and fig toast with fig jam ($8.50). I decided to have another stab at eggs Benedict ($16.50) and Ross ordered the 'A bit of a Tart' ($17.50) which was spinach, asparagus, poached eggs on puff pastry and hollandaise sauce.

Out they came and they looked pretty similar...haha! I actually thought my meal had with wilted spinach so was a little disappointed with the dry baby spinach but the I'm pleased to report the hollandaise was great with just the right amount of tang. My eggs were cooked well and the bread was tasty. Ross' consensus was 'good'.

Overall we were a little underwhelmed...we couldn't really say establish why but it didn't live up to expectations? It was just kind of 'meh'...

The Verdict

Coffee 3/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 3/5
Service 3.5/5
Atmosphere 1.5/5

Overall 11/20

Would we go again?
Probably not...unless we were taking out 'older' relatives from overseas!


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Hannah said...

Hi Ross & Renee

Hannah from West Six Kitchen here. I've just come across your blog on Urbanspoon, and have really enjoyed reading all about your breakfast adventures.

I am the cook at Mooba in Subiaco - we do breakfast six days a week, so you should pop in sometime and say hello.

Best of luck in your pursuit for the perfect breakfast...


rund said...

Thanks for the comments Hannah, we'll definitely pop in to Mooba some time soon!!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Interesting to read your take on it, as I've heard terrible reports on the service here! Think I'll have to get down there and check it out myself, although 'golden triangle suburban family' really ain't my bag either :)

Anonymous said...


love your blog! Going to beakky is one of my favourite things so your blog is fantastic for em to suss out where to go next! I loved the naked fig, it seems to get mixed reviews you must have to pick the right day i guess.

Keep up the breakfast blogging :)