Monday, 1 February 2010

Milkd, North Perth

Super great coffee

Ross & Renée's meal!

I'll be upfront - we both love Milkd North Perth, so this review is not going to be harsh at all. It is a favourite of ours and we'll keep going back there. But it is one of the last times we'll go back as a local, as we'll be moving to Mount Lawley this week!

So now, a review by biased locals.

Milkd is in a tiny premises on busy Angove Street. Luckily someone left as we arrived so we got to sit outside so we could be flâneurs. Milkd offer breakfast all day, except they will not serve poached eggs after midday. Strange. They offer a fresh looking menu with such items like a Milkd melt which is ham, cheese and tomato toasted on ciabatta ($12.90), eggs & sourdough ($12.90), feta & tomato on sourdough (one of Renée's favourite! $6.90).

Today Renée had the Milkd plate ($16.90) which has scrambled eggs, italian sausage, bacon, fresh tomato, and feta on sourdough. It also comes with mushrooms, but Renée not being a fan of the 'shrooms opted for rocket instead, which Milkd were quike happy to do. I had mushrooms, Italian sausage, rocket, feta and a poached egg on sourdough ($14.90).

Despite being busy as usual, the food came out quickly and with generous portions. It was well cooked and nicely balanced. The poached egg was cooked well so it was not too runny but still soft. Renée, who usually opts for the poached egg, said her scrambled eggs were slightly dry but thought everything else was 'super!'! Milkd gets a big tick from us!

Our coffees were delicious. The coffee seems to have a strong body to it, like a slight caramel aftertaste, though i couldn't quite place it. However, one of our friends came by and told us she thought I the coffee at Milkd was 'too milky'. We truly don't know what she was talking about (that's right Jess!) as there is no way that coffee was too milky; we have had much milkier at many a place, i.e. The Naked Fig last week. She is obviously crazy...haha

Their food, delicious and filling, was the perfect way to fill up before heading to the BDO. Hooray, overpriced festival food here we come!

The Verdict

Coffee 4/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 4/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5

Overall 16/20

Would we go again?
We already are regulars! Its pretty consistent!


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Our Breakfast Club said...

Milkd does serve some of the tastiest coffee around. Their ice coffees are excellent too!

The Perth Breakfast Bitch said...

Great review. I am definitely a fan of Milkd. Don't forget there is the other Milkd in Maylands as well on 7th Ave!

Steph said...

Great cafe. Only problem is getting a seat!