Friday, 12 March 2010

Moore & Moore, Fremantle

Back Courtyard

Delicious Coffee!

Ross' Creamed Spinach & Poached Eggs (haha and lotsa roquette!)

Roquette Bruschetta with chorizo, caramelized onion and tomato

Today we were both super lucky to have this scorching Friday off from work, so we decided to drive to Fremantle to visit a favourite haunt of ours, Moore & Moore Café in the Moores Building. We love the laid-back vibe of Fremantle and try and spend as much time as possible here! One day we will make the move to this lovable portside town- this will make Ross very happy as he is a Freo boy at heart! But for now we will just dine at their yummy restaurants and drink at their fun bars and pubs.

The people who run Moore & Moore are super cool, they are all so friendly and goodlooking! Set in the Moores Bulding which is a beautiful heritage building which houses a contemporary art gallery on Henry Street in the heart of Fremantle. You order at the counter and are given one of their strange table numbers made out of old bike parts and french counting cards! Today we ordered the following: Ross went for the creamed spinach with poached eggs, roquette and Parmesan ($16) and I ordered roquette bruschetta with chorizo, feta, caramelized onion and tomato with a balsamic dressing ($14.90) and we both ordered flat whites. The menu has a number of classic dishes which have been improved with fresh, local produce like Moore&Moore Little Pot ($16.50-which is a dipping pot filled with tomato, onion, egg, chorizo with bread) and French Toast with strawberries and banana and honey mascarpone ($16.50)

We chose a spot on a communal table in the large shady courtyard which is immediately relaxing and cool. We usually come on the weekend when its filled with lazy locals but today it was filled with uni students and quite busy. Ross and I would have LOVED to go to Notre Dame, not only is it beautiful but its in the hub of Freo and you could go for coffee and lunch at the million of Freo cafes-jealous! (we both went to Curtin and its pretty much in the middle of nowhere!)

Our coffees came out quickly and were pretty great, smooth and creamy! Before we had taken a sip out came our meals which looked fresh and very appealing! I can report my dish was fantastic- and the perfect mix of tang and freshness! The chorizo was a highlight! My only criticism is that the smear of extra balsamic was probably not needed as it was already generously dressed. Ross didn't speak to me until his plate was clean so that means it was really delicious! I tasted some of his nutmeg creamed spinach and it was good. We stayed for a little while reading the paper and hanging out- it's the type of place you can do this and not feel rushed-which is nice.

Overall, Moore & Moore is great and we'll be back for sure! We love the service, the fresh quality meals and the delicious coffee. Thanks Moore & Moore!

The Verdict

Coffee 4/5
The Eggs (the meal!) 4/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5

Overall 16/20

Would we go again?
YES!!! We heart you Freo!

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Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Oh Freo, how I love you even though I can't ever seem to get my bearings sorted when wandering through your streets..

Another delicious brekky to pine over. I need to visit Freo more often. It's not _that_ far away.

Susannah said...

why is it that we keep going to the same places! we have yum cha and moore and moore going up on the blog in the ext week! We must coordinate! Before i go away we should do a really huge break blog together!

Renee said...

haha suzy- we must like the same brekkys!I would love a blog breakky date :)

wannabegourmand said...

i am lucky enough to go to notre dame and have nothing but praise for moore & moores breakfasts. the little pot of moore is unbeatable...especially with the addition of avocado and chorizo!

im always wary of dining out for breakfast as they are so many hit and misses in perth but your blog is fabulous! great work