Sunday, 8 May 2011

Piccos Kitchen, Maylands

This Easter we decided to check out Piccos Kitchen, on Peninsular Road in Maylands, nearish to Tranby House. It looked a bit strange being in a group of shops, set above the carpark, but its the inside that counts, right? But we've learnt not to judge a book by its cover! Lots of locals seemed to drop by for takeaway coffees. However we were perhaps the youngest people by maybe by 30 years or so.

Piccos had a good menu with bacon, eggs & Brie butty ($12.50) and roast field mushroom w. rocket, feta & tomato confit ($16.50).Renee started off with her usual soy flat white which she didn't finish as her meal was intense. I felt like a chai tea, which was good.

Food-wise, I chose traditional organic porridge with stewed rhubarb & raw honey ($12.50) - this was ok but a little bit gluggy - it needed more honey to make it palatable. Renee had an Easter moment and decided that the hazelnut pancakes, chocolate sauce and vanilla poached pear ($15). This was a pure chocolate indulgence - the plate had heaps of sauce, and the pancakes were full of the same sauce. It completely overpowered everything and it was impossible to work out what the flavour of the pancakes were - the sauce could have been in a jug instead. The pear was cold; Renee thought it might have been nicer warm. It was one of those meals that sounded good on paper but in reality didn't really work. It was definitely more a dessert than a breakfast dish!

Piccos' is probably a good takeaway coffee place but the food wasn't for us. Overall, we thought that Piccos was your average fare breakfast - there are better places to go for breakfast on 8th Ave for a similar price.
Renee's hazelnut pancakes

My organic porridge with stewed rhubarb and raw honey

The Verdict:
Coffee  2.5/5
Eggs (the meal!)  2.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Atmosphere  3/5
Total  12/20

Baby T's score:
 4/5 (Piccos is nice and spacious with lots of room for Baby T, the staff loved her too! It would be tricky getting a pram to the raised entry from the carpark though)

Would we go again: No. Don't stop riding here, continue onto Claisebrook!

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Piccos Kitchen said...

Hi Ross & Renee, thank you for your review, we appeciate your feedback. We do hope you come back and try us again. In case you do, there are 2 ramps either side of the verandah for pram and disabled access. Warm regards, Marissa & Adam

Kym Barlow said...

I went to Piccos for lunch, it was absolutely divine, I had home made chips with gorgeous home made aoli, and a veggie focaccia. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my friends and I will be returning for sure !!! Great ethical owners who favour organic and locally grown produce, we need more cafe's like this one !!!! :)