Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wild Poppy, South Fremantle

Sorry for the lack of posts! We've been kind of pre-occupied but never fear we have been breakfast-ing all over the place and have some good ones to share!

Last month we decided to hunt for a baby bike seat. We both wondered "where could one find some good ones in this city?" and we both said out loud "Fremantle!" And our search lead us to a café across the road from a bike shop - Wild Poppy, on Wray Avenue.

crab omelette

smoked salmon

 coffee coffee

nom nom

Wild Poppy is a super large café with a bustling vibe and friendly staff. And menu items like the following will pique your interest and your tastebuds. How about cheddar & spring onion waffles with bacon, eggs & herbed crème fraiche ($14) Or chili masala eggs, indian flatbread and tomato relish ($14)? We decided to have the peach-smoked salmon and ricotta with poached eggs, avo & potato rosti ($16) and wok-fried crab omelette with chili, ginger and oyster sauce ($18). So how were the meals? We were thinking that the smoked salmon would be the thinly-sliced orange variety, but it was not. It was a slab of salmon steak. This would not have ordinarily been a problem, except that Renee was well and truly over this type of fish for breakfast after a week of it in hospital in Japan (and yes, you may well question why we ordered fish for breakfast when Renee doesn't like fish for breakfast, but I did kinda push Renee towards it!) Other than the fish steak the poached eggs were good and the meal was balanced. My crab omelette was interesting - it had a flavour reminiscent of Thai food, all on a thin omelette. The different textures (smooth bits, crunchy bits) didn't work for me; maybe it was more of a lunch meal (and it was on the lunch menu!). We agreed that we should have gone for the spring onion waffles when we spied someone near us tucking into it. Major food envy!

We totally dig Wray Ave and have actually been there several times in the last week or so! Our friend Buffy opened a shop called Pekho (go check it!) and we also discovered an AWESOME new bar called Who's your Mumma? And we got our hair snippity-snipped into super styles by the ladies at Doo Wop (though we have our old hair in these pictures of us!)! We bordering on Wray Ave locals...right? Anyways back to Wild Poppy...! We both ordered soy flat coffees which were delish and we also had a sneaky piece of passionfruit cheesecake which was amazing! We both thought we give Wild Poppy another go and perhaps order more wisely and more to our tastes. But if you like fish for breakfast this is for you!

After breakfast we walked across the road and got the bestest baby bike seat ever for the front of your bike! On the way we spotted some super fun yarn bombing and a took a happy snap! Oh Freo we heart you!

note; this is in our carport & before we got our ladybug helmets!

The Verdict:
Coffee  3.5/5
Eggs (the meal!)  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Atmosphere  3.5/5 (though it must be noted Renee prefers smaller cafes which are more intimate!)
Total  14/20

Baby T's score:
 3.5/5 (Tallulah sat in her highchair and let her folks eat their breakfasts! yay!)

Would we go again: Yes, we think for coffee, cake and maybe something less fish-y!

Website: nope you can find them at 2 Wray Ave, South Fremantle!

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Tamarind Restaurant Mt Hawthorn said...

Crab omelet... Just hearing the word crab makes me go crazy! Lol... :) Looked like you enjoyed your breakfast! Will add that to my checklist for sure! :)

Aurel said...

I’m a frenchie living in Perth for 6 months and I really think brekkie is the best meal of the day. As I was asking my colleague to find a good place for a good home-made brekkie in perth I found your blog by random, I love it. I will probably try Mrs S this WE. Thanks for your help, your blog is great.
Try a french boulangerie as Jean-Pierre Sancho on Hay St for your next brekkie outside.

Ross said...

Thanks Tamarind, we love the speical fish curry that you sometimes do!

Thanks for your comments Aurélie, Mrs S is good! We'll try to try Jean-Pierre's some time soon

Anonymous said...

Wild Poppy is famous for their fish curry!! love everything about this lovely homely cafe, really Freo.

Pasta la vista said...

Sounds great guys - I just came across this post but love the blog and will definitely have to try Wild Poppy out next time I'm in town:)

Anonymous said...

I think the baby score is so hilarious and spot-on. Nothing ruins a meal like a whiny baby. Glad to know yours is well behaved :)