Sunday, 15 January 2012

Zucchero, Vic Park

Today we decided to take Tallulah to the zoo, and thought it would be a great opportunity to have a breakfast bite in Vic Park nearby. We chose Zucchero Espresso Bar on Albany Highway, but not because of the alliteration I promise! ZZZ! Renee and Tallulah were peachy keen!

Zucchero have a few seats near the front counter and a much larger, comfortable room behind. A couple of alfresco tables are also available. We sat in the larger room, to give very-active Tallulah lots of room to move (there is never enough room for Tallulah, but we persevere anyway!). The menu choice includes standard items like smoked salmon, capers and scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough ($16) and poached eggs in a tomato and onion reduction with parmesan and olive oil and toasted sourdough ($15). That was probably the most adventurous item on the menu. I chose the bacon stack with scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms on toasted sourdough ($15).

What came out was what could best be described as a safe dish. The eggs had no seasoning, the bacon rashers crispy. The mushrooms had a buttery sauce which was eagerly soaked up by the bread. A packet of butter was on the side.

Renee chose the brioche French toast, which comes with either a berry compote or banana and maple syrup (Renee chose the bananas) and thick cream ($14).

Renee enjoyed it, probably because it had plenty of sweet, sweet zucchero! I also ordered a soy flat white, with a dash of honey. The coffee was good. The 'dash' of honey was a small packet. The packaging was unavoidable; had I opted for regular sugar the only option was sugar cubes, each individually packaged!

The vibe of the place was hotel. The basic, stock-standard menu, food executed well but with no flair, flavourless scrambled eggs, packaged butter, sugar and condiments, it all adds up to a hotel experience!

We savoured the day by getting some takeaway macarons. While no doubt they are ordered in, it was good have have a selection of cakes and things. They were delicious. The flavours may or may not have been orange and pistachio!

The Verdict:
Coffee  3/5
Eggs (the meal!)  3/5
Service  3.5/5
Atmosphere  3/5
Total  12.5/20

Baby T's score:
 4/5 (Tallulah enjoyed her pre-zoo brekky!)

Would we go again: No, we'd rather eat at a café not a hotel.
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Anonymous said...

Ah, this post makes me so hungry. The coffee looks especially tasty right now.

Christian Rene Friborg said...

Wow! I love this post. The bacon stack with scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms on toasted sourdough looks amazing!

Golden Sun Resto said...

The macaroons looked so delicious! I used to frequent cafes for that before I got way too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. These days, I find it hard to whip something up in the home but this looks so good I wanna try it out!