Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ross & Renée's home-cooked eggs!

We've eaten some good poached eggs at some cafés, and some less than average ones. "How hard can it be?" we asked ourselves. Our past attempts were less than successful, and the best-looking egg slid off the plate onto the floor. It was a sad moment.

After some research we decided to try two methods; the first being the standard egg in the whirlpool of vinegar water, which I chose to do. The second was the plastic bag as recommended by Gary in Season 1 of Masterchef; Renée chose this method.

An egg in a ramekin, ready to be poached!

My eggs - free-range of course!

Renée's eggs! Delicious sourdough bread from the Pearl of Highgate.

It was easier than we expected - both versions were successful and tasty, and if they were taken out 30 seconds earlier they would have been soft and gooey. The whirlpool method was easy and the eggs, after being dried on a paper towel, were great! When Renée pulled her eggs out, the plastic bag broke on both; probably melted on the bottom of the pan. This didn't happen to Gary! The eggs weren't injured, and were easily scooped out.

The verdict? Both were cooked well and looked good. In terms of taste, the plastic bag eggs were slightly better tasting, but only just.

We'll be back next time with more breakfast reviews, with our eyes keenly peeled for a perfectly-poached egg!


Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

I knew you guys could do it, you big tricksters, trying to tell me you couldn't!

Did you use that heat resistant plastic wrap? If not maybe that's why it melted? Still, you don't need any type of plastic wrap now you've got the non-plasticy technique down.

I love your anodised cups too :)

rund said...

Haha we were just lucky, promise! I only just found out Renee used cling-wrap for the eggs - no wonder it melted! Still some perfecting to be done yet...

Hannah said...

Good on you guys for trying out the cling wrap method, and for proving an old faithful. Your eggs look amazing.

H :)